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Top Level

- Added warning message in the Duel bet           
- Auction system         
- Change Item power system
- Command Rename show global message option (ON/OFF)  
- Command Reset add coins reward option       
- Command Master Reset add coins reward option
- Guild War improvements 
- Increased max customjewel to 50  
- Increased max custom monster glow to 400  
- Kanturu Boss pvp option                 
- Party Level Gap Option    
- Pvp championship event     
- Fix Battle royale trade                
- Fix Battle royale others                
- Fix Commands that didn't charge coins 
- Fix Client Crashs when use panda ring in Kanturu
- Fix server close withot offilines
- Fix Show +Skill in the drop name 
- Fix King of Mu Event      
- Fix use teleport skill using CustomAttack    
- Fix Master skill issues 
- Fix custom quest inventory space    
- Fix equip two transformation rings with right click 
- Fix Quest reward item with expire time 
- Fix delete character remove from party 
- Fix Castle siege teleport near gate   

Please Wait Open BETA :)